It was the day no one wanted to be in Kokomo! Gabey is joined by Zachary Hargrove from the National Weather Service. They analyze the event that caught the entire storm chasing world off-guard on this severe weather podcast.

NOTE: Zachary Hargrove’s opinions do not reflect the opinions of the National Weather Service.

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Severe Weather Podcast – 8/24/16 Tornado Outbreak

I’ve decided to name this even the “Beach Boys Outbreak” because it was the day that no one wanted to be in Kokomo. I know, I know, corny. Horrible jokes aside, this was a monumental event that left many seasoned meteorologists scratching their heads in the aftermath. Zachary Hargrove from the National Weather Service in Bismarck, ND joins me as we discuss this historic outbreak on this brand new severe weather podcast!

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