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My hope is to lead the listener to new possibilities. All are being forced to reassess what they thought they knew and understood about life. Do you believe that there is something greater to the design of life and our reasons for being here?

Having pre-existed, we were designed for higher purpose by the Father and the Son since before the foundations of this world were laid. This realization helps one grasp that there is a significant purpose for our lives within the unfolding of all things.

Listen to Secrets Revealed now and rediscover the lost knowledge of old!

Zen Garcia is the author of over 20 books, including Lucifer: Father of Cain, Awaken to the New World Order, Sons of God, Skyfall, The Aramaic and Palestinian Targums, The Flat Earth As Key to Decrypt the Book of Enoch. Firmament: Vaulted Dome of the Earth, The Great Contest: War In Heaven, Enmity Between The Seed-lines, and Paradise: Sides Of The North.

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