Tara Hoover Gill

– Why did you tell Officer Podliski that the printouts at John’s house were “not of marital property?”
– How did you know to contact Officer Podliski on 8-29-15?
– Why did you claim in your sworn testimony on 6-28-16 that you had not accessed any of John’s Facebook accounts in over two years?
– If you were fearful as a result of John posting the dates of your hearings on Facebook, why did you post these dates yourself in Facebook updates that mentioned John by name?
– You said John was a problem for many residents in the community, could you please provide some instances to substantiate this claim?
– If you were afraid for your life as your testimony on 6-28-16 indicates, why did you wait two days before bringing evidence of John pressing the Like button on Facebook to Officer Podliski?
– If you were afraid for your life as your statements to Officer Curry and Officer Podliski indicate, why did you wait 13 days before reporting the 8-3-16 incident to the police?
– Why did you forge evidence against John on Facebook?
– Why do you have many references to David and Goliath on your Facebook page, are you planning on hurting someone physically?

District Attorney Bill Shaw

– Why was Officer Curry’s report from 8-16-15 not included in the discovery for John’s trial?
– Given your previous history working with Tara, and the fact that you and her are friends on Facebook, why did you feel it was proper for your office to prosecute John on her behalf?
– What did the District Attorney’s office recommend to Officer Curry in regards to the 8-16-15 complaint from Tara?
– If you recommended a course of action to Officer Curry, what made this instance exceptional enough that the District Attorney’s office felt the need to police the police?

Assistant District Attorney Warren Mikesell

– Why did you assist Tara in obtaining a PFA, when she had previously worked for your family’s law firm?

Judge Paul Cherry

– Given that you and Tara had worked together previously, why did you not deny John’s request for you to recuse yourself from presiding?
– Why did you rule John guilty of a summary violation for the EXACT SAME ALLEGATION, moments after a jury of his peers found him not guilty of those same allegations?
– Why did you allow Attorney Stephanie Cooper to withdraw as counsel when John opposed the withdraw, and when you knew he had been denied access to a public defender?
– Why did you grant Assistant District Attorney Baker’s Motion in Limine to disallow John’s alibis during the trial, when his previous attorney had failed to submit the alibis on John’s behalf?
– Did you view actual evidence that John had pressed the Like button on Facebook?
– How did you buy Assistant District Attorney Benjamin Baker’s kangaroo court prosecution of John Gill during the 6-28-16 PFA violation hearing?

Billy Jack (AKA James McPherson)

– Can you provide evidence that you were previously in the FBI?
– Why did you lie about the arrangement you had with attorney David Axxin?
– What would you have done with the money if Gabriel Harber or Tom Holt had given it to you?
– Why do you use an alias?
– Why won’t you reveal your name or your former employment to Gabriel Harber?
– Why did you lie about what happened to the listening devices that you claimed to have found in John’s house and at the church?

Attorney Stephanie Cooper

– Why didn’t you ask for evidence that John had pressed the Like button on Facebook?
– Why did John have so much difficulty contacting you?
– Why didn’t you submit John’s alibis for his alibi defense?
– Why didn’t you tell John that you no longer wished for Billy Jack to be involved in the case, BEFORE you filed a motion to dismiss because Billy Jack “creeped you out.”
– At the hearing to withdraw counsel, why didn’t you tell Judge Cherry that you had already been paid $2,175 of $3,500?

Officer Podliski

– Why didn’t you collect evidence of the Facebook Like button being pressed on 8-29-16 when you visited Tara’s residence?
– When Tara brought you pictures of the Facebook Like button being pressed two days later on 8-31-16, why did you choose to take pictures of her pictures instead of simply entering her original pictures into evidence, thus further degrading the quality of the images?
– On 8-29-16, why were you the officer called out to Tara’s residence one day after the District Attorney’s office recommended Tara contact you in order to build the case against John?
– What made you believe that the charges Officer Curry deemed “not contact” on 8-16-15 were suddenly evidence of contact on 9-1-15?
– Did you confer with Officer Curry first to ensure you were both on the same page with the course of action?

Officer Curry

– On 8-16-15 you told Tara Gil that you would speak with the District Attorney’s office and see if they recommended a course of action, did you speak with District Attorney’s office about this matter?
– On 8-28-15 you recommended a course of action to Tara Gill, did the District Attorney’s office recommend that course of action?

Officer Winters

– Were you and Tara attending the Lighthouse Evangelical Church together at the time you investigated and arrested John Gill?
– Did Tara ask you to personally investigate John for a second PFA violation, leading to his arrest on 6-17-16?
– If you were notified of the Facebook post on 6-14-16, why did you wait three days before investigating?