Like a tranquil stream waiting in some hidden place
Life springs forth
Past, present, future
Eternity flows within her

The infinite contained
The finite made endless

Everything washed by her gentle caress, made new

Life and death, time and space
All become one and the same
Inside the boundless creation resting in her eyes

One taste of her waters is enough
Yet one taste never satisfies
I will stay and drink my fill
Eyes opened to worlds once unknown

Ecstatic. Terrified. Fascinated.

As certainly as life follows death
Your life has breathed into me


The cycles never end
The rhythm never ceases
Still, though, your starlight rises above

Trapped by radiance
Warmth envelopes me

As certainly as death follows life
Your life has changed the world

My world

Thrice Great

Infinite wisdom
Manifest finite
Dwell above
Reveal below


Her eyes tell the story
Of the man I long to be

Lost for days

Wishing never to return